As reported by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP),suppliers worldwide cut emissions by 434 million tons of carbon dioxide in 2016. To put things into perspective that is more than France’s total emissions in year 2014. In addition total cost savings were  $12.4 billion, more than double the figures achieved in 2015.

The cause is simple… Many of the world’s leading corporations made a non contractual agreement to  step-up their commitments to putting a end  to the Carbon Dioxide emissions.

Another cause is the Paris Agreement in 2015, which requires global emissions to hit net zero before the end of the century.

As stated by“The report also named 29 companies with a seat on CDP’s first supplier engagement leader board. Selected from 3,300 companies, the firms — which include Hewlett-Packard and Philips — were chosen for their commitment to driving down emissions throughout their supply chains.”
Philips Logo.jpg

This should lead the way for other competitors to follow the continuous effort in supplier engagement to put a end to the Co2 Emissions as well as gain a competitive advantage.


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