Suppliers Cutting Carbon Dioxide Emissions In Their Supply Chain

As reported by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP),suppliers worldwide cut emissions by 434 million tons of carbon dioxide in 2016. To put things into perspective that is more than France’s total emissions in year 2014. In addition total cost savings were  $12.4 billion, more than double the figures achieved in 2015.

The cause is simple… Many of the world’s leading corporations made a non contractual agreement to  step-up their commitments to putting a end  to the Carbon Dioxide emissions.

Another cause is the Paris Agreement in 2015, which requires global emissions to hit net zero before the end of the century.

As stated by“The report also named 29 companies with a seat on CDP’s first supplier engagement leader board. Selected from 3,300 companies, the firms — which include Hewlett-Packard and Philips — were chosen for their commitment to driving down emissions throughout their supply chains.”
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This should lead the way for other competitors to follow the continuous effort in supplier engagement to put a end to the Co2 Emissions as well as gain a competitive advantage.

Amazon Making A Major Innovation In Supply Chain

Amazon has always been known to make  major difference in business. But today, Amazon baked the biggest cake that has been in the oven for almost two years. Amazon had filed a patent for a floating warehouse in 2014 and today it has finally been approved.

Yes, a floating warehouse. This ufo-looking warehouse will be floating on the air while drones deliver consumer goods to people like you and me. The pros are that it will likely cut cost in freight, deliverable timings and workforce employees. The cons are that it will likely take years to develope. In addition, may cause disruption with flight traffic as well as the environment.

One thing is for certain, Amazon is always lookin for ways to innovate business and the future is bright.
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2017 Is Coming (Here’s Your Supply Chain Prediction)

“According to a recent study, the top issues concerning global supply chains next year will be shorter lead times, time to deliver and risk minimization.

In the Global Trade Management Agenda 2017, a survey from AEB, 72.9 percent of experts surveyed consider the trend toward faster and faster speeds to be an important or even very important challenge in the coming year.” –


    I agree with the above view. I think that SupplyChainDigital and AEB nailed a bulls eye with this prediction. We are in a state of high-risk logistics and lower turnover in outbound and inbound Supply Chain practices. The reason being that there is more volume via eCommerce rather than Brick and Mortar. So why high risk on logistics and slower turnover? One word, Production. Companies are now having to produce goods either in house or by 3PLs. In addition, goods have to be shipped.The turnover is one dimensional in a Brick and Mortar as goods are already produced.

       Companies are now looking to budget more money toward production costs and freight costs so that service level is maintained. Those costs in 2017 could be toward Technology, Packaging, and or Freight Optimization. This will increase speed and efficiency.

2 Supply Chain Startups To Look Out For

1) Matternet – Their products will enable people, companies and organizations around the world to build and operate drone logistics networks for transporting goods on demand. They do this at a low cost with an energy saving execution.
2) Alloy- Alloy has developed a platform that could be revolutionary in Supply Chain. Their platform connects manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and retailers, all in one application. This allows companies to track and manage the flow of goods from production to consumption.

5 Supply Chain Tips To Start the Holiday Week:

My Below Tips:
1.) Procedure Is Not Leisure- Follow DSP related SOP’s to better execute in a ethical and practical way
2.) Faith On The Floor- Make sure to be understanding of holiday volume. The 3PLs hire amazing Warehouse, DC, and Freight workers to satisfy your companies need. Mistakes happen so be understanding and request informative corrective actions to prevent re-occurrence.
3.) Stock Levels- Stock levels fluctuate throughout most companies during holiday season. Keep a close eye  on stock covers and make sure the channels have the appropriate quantities.
4) One Team, One Dream- As a team, make sure one another is doing their part in maintaining a productive Supply Chain. Offer assistance if needed.
5.) Have Fun- Supply Chain is the most exciting group in most companies as you are constantly problem solving and making corporate decisions as it pertains to inventory. So have fun and enjoy the ride!